Ultrasonic power generator OPWELD together with appropriate ultrasound probe create the ideal tool for the following applications:

- Ultrasonic welding of plastics, foils;
- Ultrasonic welding of metal (thin films);
- Ultrasonic welding of materials;
- Ultrasonic support of production process;
- Compression and homogenization;

Digital, precise control of the generated frequency, finding and control the resonance, continuously variable power control from 0 to 100% allow to choose the welding process parameters to the welding be done with high efficiency.

User-friendly interface and a 5-inch touch screen display simplify the work with the generator.


- system safe power up sequence;
- transformer output;
- Plug and Play configuration probe ID;
- Ultrasonic overload protection;
- matrix touchscreen LCD 5" with intuitive menu structure for quick easy programming;
- output voltage regulated in range from 1% to 100% with step 1%;
- four Temperature Sensors PT100;
- dimensions: 233x121x350mm;
- serial configuration port: RS232;
- opportunity to work with specialized software package *), running on the Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/VISTA/7.0 environment;
- weight: 8,2 kg;
- power supply: 230 VAC /50Hz.

Technical Data

Frequency range: 10kHz do 80kHz*)
Resolution of frequency setting: 1Hz
Max. Output power: 1000W*)
Max. Output Voltage: 500Vsk
Shape of output voltage: SIN (h max. < 10% )
Max. load current: 6 Ask
Load impedance: 50-150Ω*) (minimum)
Voltage accuracy: 0.1%
Current accuracy: 0.1%
Phase accuracy: ±2°. (in range of +90°/-90°.)

*) available up to ordered configuration