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Measurement systems - ultrasonic test equipment


Ultrasonic Tube and Pipe Inspection Solutions:

SAW Spiral & Helix Weld Inspection

SAW Transverse and Longitudinal Weld Inspection        

ERW Weld Inspection

Seamless Tube and Pipe Inspection


 Ultrasonic inspection of plastic pipes:

Measurement and control technology for plastics extrusion since 1993

Cost-effective complete solution for the ultrasonic measurement for superior raw material savings and stable product quality.

Highly precise measuring values of wall thicknesses, diameter, eccentricity, ovality, material consumption as well as statistic control: Pp/Ppk Cp/Cpp for wall, and out-in diameter.

Solution for the ultrasonic measurement of geometries between 0.5 - 400 mm quality control and material savings

Realtime technology scans up to 35 measuring points around the pipe circumference and measures the wall thickness and the diameter in parallel.


Pressure and Gas Pipes


Multilayer and corrugated pipe

Hot Water Pipe


Ultrasonic inspection of rubber products and hydraulic hoses


Ultrasonic testing of aluminium extrusion billets


Phased Array Measurement Techniques - automatic scanners for quality control of fillet welds of nozzles and examination of sandwich defects in nuclear reactor cooling systems.



Ultrasonic system for NDT and object detection

Ultrasonic system for testing of sensitive components online and offline

System for testing gear wheels welded with electron beam

Nondestructive testing of Welded Thin-Walled Tubular Components of shock absorbers, axle shafts and transmission shafts

Nondestructive testing of cooling modules and components both for combustion engines, hybrid and purely electric cars



Food industry

Ultrasonic systems for the food industry            


Aerospace & Shipbuilding & Wind turbine industry

High-performance ultrasonic testing system for testing of safety components in the industry

Early detection of mechanical damage by ultrasound (acoustic emission, immersing, contact-less measurement)

Ultrasonic systems for the manufacturing of complex parts for the automotive and aeronautical


Oil & Gas

Ultrasonic flaw detectors

Real-time quality metering of propanated biomethane

Ultrasonic measuring the velocity of sound in gases and quantitative characterization of binary gas mixtures

Technology and measuring instrument for express control of the quality of natural gas