Ultrasonic transducers are used for applications as diverse as flaw detection, thickness gaging, measurement of properties of materials, medical diagnostics and also power generation, oil and gas application and more, as well as, custom-designed transducer. More than hundreds of ultrasonic transducer of standard options come in many styles, element diameters, frequencies, and connector style

Our high-quality probes and transducers are available in a range of frequencies, configurations, connector styles, and cable types to help you meet demanding inspection requirements.


Ask us about custom configurations:


Phased Array Probes:  Phased array 2D 2.5D and 3D application-specific probes have a range from 0.5 MHz to 25 MHz and may come with a customized amount of elements.
Immersion transducers
Delay line transducers
High-temperature transducers
High-pressure tranducers
Composite transducers
Air-coupled transducers
Large bandwidth transducers
Transducer Arrays
Dry-coupled transducers
PVDF transducers
Roller probes
Customized transducers
Contact Transducers
Dual Element Transducers
Angle Beam Transducers
Protected Face Transducers
High-Frequency Transducers
Normal Incidence Shear Wave Transducers
Special Design Transducers
Applications Specific Transducers


High Power Transducer with sonotrodes


Few patents of our transducer:

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