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The following list contains the most interesting projects which we have made. If you have a need for a product, that you cannot create alone, or a proposal for the project, that could have as a result a product, that have a realistic market, try to consider us as a potential partner. The creation of new products is really what we can do.

The creation of new products is something, that we really can do and already done many times.

Some of the proposed ideas was patented.

There are also project, that we cannot disclose due to the NDA agreements with our partners and customers.



                         - Creation of perfect ultrasonic gaussian waves
                         - New version of very broadband ultrasonic transducer



                         - Fingerprint recognition with ultrasound
                         - Liveness detection in ultrasonic fingerprint readers
                         - Contactless optical visualisation of fingerprints (for TST)
                         - A breath alcohol test device, that allows the recognition of user.


Chemie, petrochemie

                        - Measurement of viscosity
                        - Measurement of sound speed with high precision, but low cost
                        - Methanol concentration detection in two components solutions
                        - Fluid parameter measurement (for different Univeristies)
                        - Measurement of rubber samples (for NPL)
                        - Ultrasonic control of chemical processes (the production of zeolites for UNI Leipzig)
                        - Measurement of mechanical parameters (Lamé-constants) with a simple head.
                        - Multichannel system for measurement of oil parameters
                        - Viscosity measurements for special purposes and with novel methods
                        - Tomographical measurement of local changes of concentration or flow in fluids


Non destructive testing NDT

                        - Ultrasonic tomography for measurement of thickness of hardened layer on steel shafts - Welded joints
                        - Spot weld testing
                        - Machine for the measurement of a large amount of spot welds at once, for the use on the production line
                        - Holographical ultrasonography for welds testing - Gear wheels
                        - Complex industrial systems for quality control of welded gear wheels
                        - Gear wheel testing (for large German car manufacturer)



                        - Ultrasonic mammography
                        - Early detection of breast cancer
                        - Power generator for ultrasonic therapy
                        - Ultrasonic scanner for visualization of internal structure of teeth
                        - Holographical ultrasonography for the visualization of internal heart surface
                        - Soft palate measurement
                        - Aid for people, that cannot speak
                        - Precise measurement of the surface of bones


 Renewable energy

                         - Novel kind of solar collector



                         - Special sonars (for Wain Tsiang Enterprise)


 Measuring systems

                        - Ultrasonic refractometer
                        - Ultrasonic Microscope with phase contrast
                        - Ultrasonic scanner
                        - System for delamination detection in wooden chip plates
                        - Evaluation of state of antique wooden objects
                         Plastic and steel pipes
                        - System for measurement of plasic pipes during production (extrusion)
                        - Measurement of wall thickness of pipes lying on the bottom of the sea (for Wain Tsiang Enterprise)
                        - Development of a Guided Long Range Ultrasonic Inspection System for the examination of offshore subsea
Risers, Steel Catenary Risers (SCRs) and Flowlines
                         Thickness, distance, geometry, position
                        - Device for the measurement of thickness and junction quality of layers on papers and foils
                        - 3D Ultrasonic camera, working in the air and allowing the visualization of geometry of objects.
                        - Ultrasonic calliper
                        - Steel plate thickness testing (for Silverwing - electronics for Scorpion)
                        - Precise Measurement of geometry of industrial products with the help of ultrasonic holography
                        - Precise measurement of shape of complicated surfaces using acoustical holography in the air
                        - Vibration measurement with ultrasound
                        - 4 channels system for contact less acoustic vibration measurement
                        - Broadband ultrasonic power burst generator


 Support of technological processes

                        - Ultrasonic supported drilling machine (for Fraunhofer IWU, Chemnitz)
                        - Ultrasonic supported cooling process
                        - Ultrasonic welding of foils
                        - Removing of ceramic tiles with an ultrasonic tool



                        - Acoustic security marks for securing documents and bank notes



                        - Ultrasound modem: Transmission of information using sound waves traveling in walls of metal pipes on long distances
                        - Monitoring of books and papers reading process
                        - Holographic scanner for visualization of internal structure of fruits, vegetables and other agricultural goods (i.e. eggs).
                        - Holographic ultrasonic device for detecting foreign bodies in pieces of laundry in industrial laundries.