The realisation of many special projects, systems and diagnosis devices has caused, that we have a large basis of standard solutions that can be eventually useful for your purposes. Many years of experience with design of electronic devices allows us to design quickly such modules, as interfaces, analogue and digital input and output circuits, PC cards, interfaces for PT100 and PT1000 measuring feelers and many others.

Please ask, may be we can offer you quickly the solution, that you need.

- OPFS - Double Engine Controller
- OPSMS 3.3 - Stepper Motor Controller
- OPSMS 3.1a - Stepper Motor Controller
- OPUT - Seven Channels DC Motor Controller
- OPMISK - 1 - Stepper Motor Controller
- OPCONZ-01 Card I/O - Ultrasonic Testing Card
- IEEE 488 Interface - Interface Measurement
- NEW OPMC 1.0 - Motion controller - stepper motor driver