OPMUX is particularly well suited for ultrasonic measurements
as well as other kinds of measurements which need many channels.
Together with the card OPCARD 2.0 or OPBOX 2.0 and ultrasonic probes it could be used as complete ultrasonic testing device.
Each channel has separate pulser & receiver.
The multiplexer together with OPCARD 2.0 - PCI-bus Ultrasonic Card or OPBOX 2.0 - Ultrasonic testing box, becomes complete ultrasonic testing device.


- independent transmitting- receiving channels;
- USB or RS232 control interface;
- BNC Trigger Input;
- BNC Signal output;
- 12V/2A power supply;

• Together with OPCARD 2.0 or OPBOX 2.0
and delivered Software Package:
- universal ultrasonic measurement system
- various image processing:
- conventional processing,
- SAFT*),

Technical data:

Channels: 4
Internal Gain: 20dB
Pulse Voltage: off(0V) to 360V
(positive pulse, short circuit step pulser)
Charging time: 1 - 8 μs with step 1μs
Bandwidth: 0.5 MHz - 20 MHz (- 3dB)
Pulse Duration: Short circuit, bandwidth up to about 50MHz
Fall Time: ≤20 ns

Impedance: ≤1Ω
Relays Outputs: 3 max
Digital Inputs: 1 (TTL)
Weight: 550g