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PBP Optel Ltd, today acknowledged expert in biometrics and ultrasonic technology was established 1989 with the goal to conduct the R&D work on basically one project: fingerprint recognition with ultrasound. Wieslaw Bicz, as the first inventor in the world has proposed 1985 the use of ultrasound for finger recognition. And the technique proposed by him was not only realistic (perfectly working prototypes was created), but is also treated by many specialists as the most reliable and impossible to fake.

Today OPTEL continues its adventure with biometrics - taking part in European R&D framework projects, such as BITE, HIDE, international conferences, organized by important world institutions, such as Homeland Security, NATO. But the most important is: we have started again the work on holographic ultrasonic camera, that is able to recognize living finger - based on on new ideas and using new technological possibilities, but above all taking in account, that the demand for such device is growing on the market.  

- Holographic ultrasonic camera for fingerprint recognition
- New biometric project
- Technology Summary
- Ultrasonic setup for fingerprint patterns detection and evaluation
- Liveness detection - About impossibility of faking holographic ultrasonic fingerprint readers, due to inherent live detection capabilities of this technique
- Faking fingerprint readers (or other biometric devices)
- Ultrasonic fingerprints
- The idea of description (reconstruction) of fingerprints with mathematical algorithms and history of the development of this idea at Optel
- Advantages of ultrasonic Fingerprint scanners
- Software for fingerprint recognition
- Fingerprint Synthesis
- A normal glass pane?
- What the future of the automatic teller machine may look like?
- My adventure with biometrics - Wiesław Bicz (polish)
- Have earthquakes something to do with fingerprints?
- The right to have an identity An alternative consideration
- Future of biometrics
- Credit/ Debit/Cash Card fraud and Abuse - an Outlook on Prevention and possible value added
- Comparing Ultrasound with Conventional Finger- Scan Technologies