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Advantages of ultrasonic Fingerprint scanners

Wiesław Bicz
In comparison to other devices, this scanners are able to see all kind of fingers (dry and wet), to recognize, if the investigated finger is really a man's finger and if it is alive. 

Only ultrasound allows to make devices that can be as small as a chip or large (even with the dimension of one meter or longer) and integrated in an existing glass plate (i.e. car windows) or other part of existing device (i.e. handle of a weapon or wall of the safe). Only this kind of devices allows to make a touch screen or touch pad without moving parts, that can recognize not only the position of the finger, but also a fingerprint. The production cost of such devices wouldn't be very high and in each case comparable to another devices of this kind.

The same technology allows to build devices, that can be used for recognizing people sitting at the remote terminal (i.e. Internet users), because it allows to use pure holographic recognition. This allows to recognize the fingerprint in a very short time (about 50 microseconds) and this do not allow to make a device, that could give the same results without the real finger.

It shouldn't be forgotten, that this technique gives also the possibility to store and retrieve the information, that has a form similar to the fingerprint. It would allow to use the same glass plate to read information stored for example as relief on a plastic sheet or as rubber like paint of a sheet of paper.