OPGUD-2 is an ultrasonic pulser&receiver suitable for work with all ultrasonic transducers with about 0.5-40MHz frequency.

Method of operation:

The rising edge of the Trigger signal (see picture) initiates the transducer charging process which takes 3 ms. After this time, the falling edge of the Trig_Out is generated which indicates the end of the transducer charging process and a transistor switch which discharges the transducer is turned on. This discharge process has a duration of about 20ns, depending on the capacity of transducer used.

- Pulse amplitude adjustment is made using potentiometer. Max. 360V, min: 50V.
- The pulser contains integrated receiver unit with 40dB amplifier
- Power consumption: about 5W

Because of the very low output impedance of the device (<1 Ohm) and short discharge time, the pulse generated with this device could be concerned as a real pulse answer for the most transducers.

The shipment includes:

1. Pulse transmitter and receiver for ultrasonic transducers
2. 110 - 250V AC power supply with connector for standard computer type cable

Description of inputs, outputs, control elements and their functions

Rear side of the device:

- +12 V DC input for connection of AC power supply. Internal wire of the connector is plus 12V DC.
- The power switch.

Front side of the device:

- IN (output/input) should be connected to the transducer with a BNC connector cable.
Caution: This connector have high voltage during pulse duration, and should be not directly connected to oscilloscopes or amplifiers without ability to withstand such voltage.
- TRIG outputs the internal TTL trigger signal (pulse follows on the falling edge). Used for synchronization. The triggering frequency is about 500 Hz. The potentiometer on the rear wall of the device allows to adjust trigger frequency. It can be set from 530Hz to 2000Hz.
- OUT (output): If transducer receives a signal, it can be observed on this output. Receiver is working continuously. Output has 50 Ohm impedance.
- Amplitude of the pulse can be adjusted with potentiometer Ampl.
- Red diode is shining, if the device is switched on and working.


- External trigger input.
- Amplifier, where the amplification is controlled by the potentiometer from: minus 20db (attenuation) - 60dB.
- Trigger generator with frequency adjustment with potentiometer.
- The instrument size can be altered to serve the particular customer needs.
- Maximum pulse amplitude of 600V.