The device is optimised for the use of EMAT (electromagnetic acoustic transducer). The device was designed as an adapter to a standard oscilloscope it can successfully cooperate with other acquisition / signal processing devices. It is also well suited to use together with measurement card OPCARD 2.0 or measurement device OPBOX 2.0.
The device consist of:
Power supply;
Pulser adjusted to inductive load.


• Length of puls: 50ns /2mH¹
• Repeatability of transmission: 1kHz
• Amplitude control: to 26A /2mH
• Signal Connectors:

• Puls out:
- ultrasonic transducer (cable not longer than 30cm)
• Trig out:
- synchronization-output of internal signal TTL generator (falling edge)

• Power supply: 230 VAC /50Hz/5W
• Fuse: 0.5 A
• Power switch


Technical Data:

• Shape of pulse:


Shown on the picture shape of pulse is the result of measurement
with an current probe Tektronix Typ: Tek P6041 - 1mV/1mA