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Product information

  • Category: opScanners
  • Hardware: opCard or opBox based Control Software with varied data process functions (SAFT and TGC(DAC));
  • Software: A-scan, B-scan, C-scan – 2D and 3D, PA, Pulse-Echo, TT, TOFD
  • Accessiories: A wide range of measuring ultrasonic probes and probe holders
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Ultrasonic testing scanners

Our scanners are controlled by our software for make the scan that covers the inspection area and to acquires the scan data, required in the customer application. Take advantage of one of our standard scanning solutions, or have us customize a scanning solution to fit your specific needs. We also offers several motor controllers for scanners, depending on the equipment used in the application.

Ultrasonic testing scanners provide more accurate and efficient scanning. Our scanners are aided by standard software and data acquisition system (opBox or opCard) for control of the scan to cover the inspection area and to acquire the scan data. From corrosion mapping, weld inspections (Pulse-Echo, TOFD, SAFT), to the most demanding ultrasonic signal postprocessing implementation. Use our standard or have us create sophisticated scanning solution dedicated for your needs. Ultrasonic scanner for industry and laboratory application as well as a special type of scanners.

Composite Inspection

Corrosion Mapping

Standard Flat Plate Weld

Pipe Longitudinal Weld

Pipe Circumferential Weld

Thin-Walled Tubular Components

X Y Z, Alfa, Beta Scnanners

TOFD Scanners

Miniature Scanners

Internal inspection of tubes


Scanners for medical application

Ultrasonic testing scanners

Elimination of harmful mechanical vibrations and electrical noise allows to obtain high quality measurements with high frequency ultrasound and low signal strength.

Vibration free

Body and drive of scanner are designed in a way that reduces any vibrations that might affect the ultrasonic measurement; ie. elastic belts and grinded precise rails, stepper motors with high gear ratio and microsteps are used

Ultrasonic measurement

From immersion, air or contact systems and large-scale scanners, to single or multi channel systems

Ultrasonic data acquisition systems based on opCard or opBox with opMux

Best system for signal acquisition

Our own designed defectoscopes family covers all needs for data and signal processing

Standard accessories

A wide range of measuring ultrasonic probes

A wide range of probe holders

Our software using GPU Accelerated Computing with nVidia

Real-time data acqisitions and visializations

Data processing: real-time, Absolute, Peak-detector

Visualizations: A-scan, B-scan, C-scan (2D and 3D), SAFT, etc.

Ultrasonic measurement

Any ultrasonic measurement techniq can be use.


Standard software

We are delivering a standard version of the software (for any Microsoft Windows up to 10 x64 with Microsoft Hardware certification report Approved) and for special needs: SDK with ready to use examples

Scanning area and tricetiories

Scanning area and tricetiories can be design specially for requirement of applications

Industial or laboratory

Sollution for industrial or laboratory purposes

Resolution and speed of scanning

High speed, high accuracy and resolution

Data visializations

A-scan, B-scan, C-scan (2D and 3D), SAFT, etc

Ultrasonic measurements

Any ultrasonic measurement techniq can be use.