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Global ultrasonic market research studies

After 31 years on the market, we have collected very comprehensive know-how in many areas of ultrasonic technology (check our references).

Optel provides a wide range of ultrasonic instruments and solutions for ultrasonic NDT inspection systems that can be adapted to your needs.  All our instruments are designed for use in ultrasonic inspection systems for automated or manual inspection on- or off-line solutions or as a stand-alone system for industrial or laboratory applications.
Optel worked on several innovative solutions for finger biometrics, non-destructive testing, measurement systems for industrial, laboratory purposes or medical diagnostics, support of technological processes, contactless measurement of vibration, distance, the geometry of objects and more.
We are conducting feasibility studies, analyse the testability of your components and create suitable inspection concepts. This may be the final testing in production, serial testing or batch testing on a random basis.

Various researches led in our company are on a worldwide level. For past years, Optel has become a trusted, an experienced and very effective expert on the field of ultrasound and biometrics. With its' professional and very creative contribution in creating new technologies, the company established its' current position as a reliable partner.
With pleasure, we will present to you our detailed offer. Let's doing something new together!  Contact:  or +48 71 329 68 53


PBP Optel sp. z o. o. as a key vendor can be found in the following market research studies:

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