OPMUX is particularly well suited for ultrasonic measurements as well as other kinds of measurements that need many channels. Together with the measurement card OPCARD and ultrasonic probes it could be used as complete ultrasonic testing device.
Each channel has separate pulser & receiver.
MUX can operate with transducers of the resonant frequency of 0.5MHz - 25MHz and any impedance.

Depending on the version MUX has from 4 to 35 channels. Each channel can operate
as a transmitter and as a receiver. Only one transmitter can operate at the same time.
Transmission and reception can take place on different channels - for example,
we transmit by the transducer connected to the first channel and we receive
the signal from the second channel transducer.

MUX is equipped with a memory, which contains preset sequence of active channels (i.e. the sequence of addresses of transmitters and receivers for subsequent triggers).

MUX has got one output signal. Transmitter with which you want to record the signal is selected by the internal multiplexer. Then the signal is fed to an amplifier with filter.

The device is configured via the serial interface (RS232 standard).

The device is powered by a 12V DC. The device is equipped with a fuse, short circuit - and thermal protection in circuits of transmitters.

Input trigger reacts even on very short pulses (<400ns) as TTL - levels.

MUX can be equipped with additional input and output peripherals:
• Analog Input 0V-10V
• Analog Output 0V-10V
• Four relays to control an external load
• Two digital inputs for buttons connecting.

Technical data:

Device parameters

Power supply: 12V DC; 2A
Channels (available types of MUX): 4; 8; 11; 16; 19; 32; 35 channels
PRF (pulse repetition frequency): 75kHz (<5kHz for one channel)
Max cable length between computer and the box: 30m

Box size (height / length / width)

MUX4: 3,5cm / 17cm / 14cm
MUX8+3: 8cm / 20cm / 15cm
MUX16+3: 8cm / 30cm / 20cm
MUX32+3: 8cm / 40cm / 20cm

Communication interface

Interface type: RS232 (standard option); RS422 / RS485*
Baud rate: 115200
Connector: DB9, female

*on request; not available in MUX4


Output impedance: <1Ω
Ultrasonic transducer frequency: from 0.5MHz to 20MHz
Pulse amplitude range: 0 (off) - 400V*
Amplitude control: serial interface or analog input 0-10V
Pulse length: from 0.1μs to 6.3μs (resolution 0.1μs) Fall Time: ≤25ns

*maximum voltage depends on the load


Technical data:

Signal amplifier

Bandpass filter bandwidth (3dB): 1MHz - 15MHz*
Gain: 20dB
Maximum input signal amplitude: ±200mV
Maximum output signal amplitude: ±2V
Input impedance: 50Ω @10MHz
Output impedance: <1Ω

*parameter can be changed on request

Optional peripherals I/O

Analog input:
- Voltage input: ±0V-10V
- Bandwidth: 360Hz
- Resolution: 12bit

Analog output:
- Voltage output: 0V-10V
- Bandwidth: 530Hz
- Resolution: 12bit

- Up to 4 outputs;
- Nominal switching capacity: 2A 24VDC, 2A 125VAC

Digital input:
- Up to 2 inputs;
- Inputs Accept Voltages to 5.5 V;
- Input includes pull-up resistor to 5V;