opLabBox ver 1.2

General: Power supply: 9 to 12 [V DC]. Current consumption Typ. 300 [mA].

Pulser: Pulse amplitude 0 to 360 [V] (no load) fluently regulated. Charging time 4 [µs]. Repetition rate max.: 5 [kHz]

Amplifier: Total gain range 92 [dB]. Adjustable gain range 0 to 68 [dB], 0.5[dB] accuracy. Post amplifier +0 or +24 [dB] (switched). Bandwidth (-3dB) 40 [kHz] to 22 [MHz].

Filters: High Pass Filter [Hz] (switched): 40k, 57k, 65k, 100k, 210k, 320k, 400k, 1.0M, 1.6M, 3.7M, 5.6M. Low Pass Filter [Hz] (switched): 400k, 560k, 770k, 1.25M, 2.0M, 4.75M, 5.5M, 8.5M, 11M, 16M, 22M.  Bandwidth (-3dB).

Analogue inputs: 50 [ohms] input impedance. Input voltage range: 275 [mVpp].

Analogue output: Range: 1.125 [Vpp]. Impedance: <1 [ohm]. Bandwidth [-3dB]: 40 [kHz] to 22 [MHz].

User interface: Manual, with switches and potentiometers.

Others: Several functions controlled through the "CONTROL" connector.


opLabBox ver 2.0

General:  Power supply: 12 [V DC], (acceptable 10.5 to 15 [V DC]).  Current consumption Typ. 200 [mA].

Pulser: Pulse amplitude 0 to360 [V] (no load), 100 steps.  Charging time 0 to 6.3 [µs], 63 steps (0.1 [µs] step). Repetition rate max.: 10 [kHz].

Amplifier:  Total gain range 104 [dB].  Adjustable gain range -10 to 70 [dB], 0.1[dB] step. Post amplifier +0 or +24 [dB] (switched). Bandwidth (-3dB) 40 [kHz] to 25 [MHz].

Filters:  High Pass Filter [Hz]: 40k, 80k,160k, 320k, 640k, 1.25M, 2.5M, 5M (switched).  Low Pass Filter [Hz]: 200k, 400k, 800k, 1.6M, 3.2M, 6.4M, 12.5M, 25M (switched). Bandwidth (-3dB).

Analogue inputs: 50/200 [ohms] switchable input impedance. Input voltage range: 550 [mVpp].

Analogue output: Range: 2.5 [Vpp].  Impedance: 50 [ohms]. Bandwidth [-3dB]: 40 [kHz] to 25 [MHz].

User interface: Digital, flat membrane keyboard and 2-inch full graphics display.

Others: Remote control over USB (virtual COM) with simple ASCII protocol. Memory up to 10 settings sets.