opMux ver. 12.0

Inputs: 4, including encoders;

Outputs: 4 general purpose (incl. SYNC_OUT), 2 for clock_sync

Status LEDs: ---

Diagnostics: ---

Pulse Repetition Frequency: up to 10 000

Input Amplifier Gain: -28dB to 68dB (step 1dB, error +/- 0.3dB)

High gain: up to +92 dB

Encoder modules: 16 bit position counters

Data transfer: Standard data transfer: each transferred measurement data must be confirmed


opMux ver. 3.0


Device parameters
Power supply:
Channels (available types of MUX):
Trigger frequency:
Pulse repetition frequency for one channel:
Trigger input:
Max cable length between a computer and the box: