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System for measurement of plastic pipes during production (extrusion)

We offer a complex system for controlling plastic pipes during production. It is based on experience, collected with our previous system, that we have developed and produced in the years 2001-2006 for the German company Conpro GmbH. This systems works in many factories around the world and often around-the-clock. Conpro is still using the multiplexer, that we have developed.

About 230 systems, installed in many factories around the world (among other in such recognized comopanies as WAVIN) are our basis.

The first such system (that uses next generation of hardware and software) was installed in August 2007 and is working perfectly since this time. Since the beginning of 2008 we are installing such systems at different factories.

The standard system (OPIPE8, OPIPE16, or OPIPE32) contains:

- Multiplexer (depending on the system used with 8, 16 or 32 channels), that also controls alarm outputs and other devices on the pipe production line.
- Ultrasonic card OPCARD
- Special software
- Industrial computer with LCD touch screen
- Signal lamp
- Measuring head with ultrasonic transducers

We can supply measuring heads, that can be used with pipe diameters ranging from 1mm.

Depending on the configuration, the system allows the measurement of wall thickness, ovality or eccentricity of the pipe. Additional advantage of our system is the optional measurement of sound speed. The device can control puller and calculate the use of material, allowing the user to reduce the material cost.

If you are interested in this system, please contact us.