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Ultrasonic Probes and Transducers


Based on our long experience with development and construction of ultrasonic transducers (probes), we are able to offer a broad spectrum of ultrasonic probes. We are specialized in short pulse transducers, but also in probes for special purposes. In our projects we have used many special transducers, for non destructive testing, medical or measurement purposes. We have fulfilled many wishes of or customers with such probes.


                          - Ultrasonic transducers with short pulse
                          - Ultrasonic composite probes
                          - High temperature ultrasonic transducers
                          - High pressure ultrasonic transducers
                          - Ultrasonic transducers for special purposes
                          - NEW: Ultrasonic probe with ultra large bandwidth




probes probes

Contact Transducers

Transducers designed for use in direct contact with a test piece

Immersion Transducers

Transducers with sealed cases, longitudinal w ve, acoustically matched to fluid impedance.

Transducers to Measurements in the Air

intended to distance measurement, working with continuous wave or burst.







Standard Transducers

Wide range of puls transducers constantly present in the company's offer. There are contact as well as immersion, flat and focusing transducers with normalized diameters and working frequencies.


Power Transducers

intended to:
- Ultrasonic welding of metal (thin films);
- Ultrasonic welding of materials,
- compression and homogenisation.
- Transducers can be excited by continuous wave, burst or sweep.


Share Wave Transducers

mainly used to study the physical characteristics of materials



probes probes

High Temperature and High Pressure Transducers
contain a delay line made from steel or water-cooled ceramic, used to testing of acoustic parameters of substances under high pressure.


Special Application Transducers

many custom transducers for research, medical and industrial applications were developed.


Multielement Probes

Phased array application-specific probes have a range from 0.5 MHz to 5 MHz



Most of our transducers are constructed so to be excited with an impulse voltage. Typical pulse generated by our flat transducer:


and focusing transducer:


Technical data of typical Transducers:

Bandwidth: 2 – 25MHz
Minimal length of a pulse:  20ns
Minimal Diameter: 1mm
Maximal Diameter:  limited by the available ceramics
Minimum thickness of processing element: 1,3mm, standard value: 2mm
Operating Temperature Range:  dependent on the applied ceramics
Maximal supply Voltage by puls or burst mode: 700V
Impedance: For 10MHz: 20Ω
Tolerance of the pulse shape: assuming the same ceramics, differences between different transducers are less than 5 %
of the amplitude.